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Natural and Organic skincare products

Crafted in Los Angeles

TBG, The Belgian Girl

Based in Los Angeles, California, Tbg. was born in 2020 with the vision of creating natural and organic skincare products crafted from raw materials and free from harmful chemicals or parabens. It is in respect of the earth and the body. It wants to give the skin its perfect balance.


It is a brand that focuses on you and your skin, a brand that respects its environment. A company that believes in its values and that provides what nature has to offer. 


We believe that using the natural ingredients in their natural form makes a world of difference. It is the safest and most effective way to look and feel your best. Nature has given us potential resources which work in harmony with our bodies, making us feel and look more beautiful. We also believe in transparency- honest ingredient listing to enable consumers to make an informed choice. Every product is cruelty-free.


Each product is hand-created in small batches with specially selected raw ingredients, packed and blended in California in a small facility. Each of its treasures is pure and safe, made for everyone. 


Tbg. offers its creations in recyclable packaging made from violet glass specially chosen for its unique properties to protect and revitalize the products. 


Hopefully, you will find more than only a skincare line: a new way of taking care of yourself.

Tbg Founder - Caroline

Caroline, the founder of TBG skincare, has a big dream of sharing her respect for our planet while offering the aesthetic natural product routine that she created for her skin. 

"I cannot handle harmful chemicals on my skin or alcohol. I remember rashes and acne after using some creams. It has always been hard to find products that work for me as I have sensitive skin. Therefore, I decided to create my own. To build a cosmetic line that will respect the earth as well as our skin. I believe in simple things- we do not need complicated formulas to have glowing skin. Nature has everything we need''.

She says, 


She has been devoting special attention to sustainability, respect towards our land, and wellbeing. She did not see TBG as a business opportunity when she launched it, but she genuinely wanted to offer something unique. A brand that focuses on you and your skin, a brand that respects its environment. 

our mission

Our mission is to create a simple brand that talks directly to you. We strive to craft raw - natural and organic products for a more effective results. This, in order to go back to the essential.

organic hair growth serum

our vision

We believe in a straight path from the earth to our skin with a minimum of manipulation to keep all the strength nature has to offer.